If you have received a ticket from a well-dressed man or woman dressed in blue and paid by the Government, you may be asking yourself, why hire a traffic ticket attorney?  The majority of people who are ticketed for moving violations in the Whatcom County area do not fight their case because they do not understand that they have legitimate options. Being given a speeding ticket or a stop sign / red light violation citation and thereafter contesting the ticket will require you to appear in court and argue your case.  This is exactly why you must leave it to the professionals who appear in court every day and understand what arguments defeat tickets and what arguments do not.  Our ticket lawyers' goal is very simple, do everything we can to get your ticket dismissed in Whatcom County.Drivers who fight their tickets always have a chance of getting it dismissed.  Drivers who get the help of a Whatcom County traffic ticket attorney have a significantly better chance of a dismissal.  Those cases that are dismissed have no chance of affecting your insurance or suspending your license - and this is exactly why you should contest your ticket and hire one of our lawyers.  You can significantly improve your chances of avoiding the negative consequences you face by coming to us for help. 

A Traffic Ticket will affect both your driving record and insurance

The Whatcom County traffic attorneys at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have more than 25 years of combined experience appearing in all manners of traffic offenses. Having an experienced Bellingham traffic ticket attorney at your side can greatly improve your chances of prevailing in court or negotiating your case to an amendment that will not impact your license or insurance.

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  1. You have 15 days to respond to the ticket
  2. You must decide to pay, mitigate or contest the ticket
  3. ​We recommend checking the contested box and hiring a lawyer!

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The only way to protect yourself from gaining additional points on your Washington license is to hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help defend you in court and avoid a penalty against your license.  Fortunately, a Bellingham traffic ticket attorney can help those that are facing traffic violations by defending their rights and helping them to avoid potential consequences.  Our Bellingham DUI attorneys can most certainly help you with traffic offenses but also have years of experience fighting for their clients in traffic court, getting speeding tickets dismissed in Whatcom County.

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A basic traffic ticket violation will not only cause additional points on a driver's license, but will also increase insurance rates.  Multiple tickets will drastically increase insurance and more serious traffic violations such as reckless driving, hit and run, driving while license suspended and DUI may result in your insurance company dropping you entirely.  It has been reported that one single traffic violation will cause the average driver’s insurance to be raised by more than $900 over a three year period.  Multiple tickets will cost the average driver far more money that.   It is therefore critical to consult with a traffic ticket lawyer as soon as you can following the traffic ticket so you can discuss options and begin your defense immediately. 

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When a traffic ticket is given to a driver for a basic traffic offense, such as a speeding ticket, it is often overlooked as unimportant.  The vast majority of drivers in similar circumstances usually pay the ticket and move on.  Unfortunately, not handling a traffic ticket properly, or permitting to go on your driving record does result in serious consequences.  Many people do not realize that once the traffic ticket is paid, it still adds a point or more to their Washington State driving record and can cause higher insurance premiums or even result in a suspension of their license.   Clearly, one basic speeding ticket by itself may not be enough to suspend a license, but it may increase your insurance.  However, tickets have cumulative effect and several traffic tickets may result in enough points to earn the title, “habitual traffic offender.”  Such a tag does result in a lengthy suspension.

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In addition to the many years of experience the Bellingham traffic ticket attorneys have in Bellingham, David Jolly has also authored the Traffic Ticket Handbook, the definitive guide to defending traffic tickets in the United States.  Our Bellingham traffic ticket lawyers offer rates for representation from $250, well will appear in court so you do not have to, and we promise to work hard on your case to achieve the very best result.

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David was able to get me awesome results, 2 of the 3 speeding tickets were thrown out, one of them was re-written as a non-insurance impacting ticket.


If you pay the ticket, the Department of Licensing in Washington (DOL) will add points to your driving record thereby inching you closer to a suspended license.  Any traffic infraction may increase your insurance but more than one will undoubtedly increase your monthly insurance premiums, as the insurance company will consider you to be more of a risk.  Paying your ticket after receiving one will expose you to the risk of higher insurance.  If you are the holder of commercial driver’s license the penalties for a trucking violation could threaten your livelihood.  One reckless driving charge and a serious infraction will suspend your CDL for one year! The consequences are serious so please talk to one of our Whatcom County Traffic Ticket Attorneys before you decide to just pay the ticket.

If you have received a ticket in the Bellingham area it pays to fight it.  The Bellingham Traffic Ticket lawyers at the Law Firm of David N. Jolly have been appearing in Bellingham traffic court for decades and understand the system better than most.  In fact, David Jolly was the City of Bellingham Traffic Ticket attorney for more than three years. Both the City of Bellingham and Whatcom County have in place traffic ticket prosecutors to see that every ticket is processed and as much money goes into the pockets of the City and County.  However, there are ways to reduce the severity of the ticket or even have the ticket dismissed.  For free information on how we can help contact one of our lawyers today.

If you are one of the many who has received a traffic ticket in Bellingham, please give us a call to discuss your options.  We understand how harmful a traffic ticket can be as even a single solitary little speeding ticket can increase your insurance.  Regardless of whether this is your first or tenth ticket, your insurance and your driving record is in jeopardy and that is the primary reason why people fighting their tickets in court.  This is exactly why you should speak to a Bellingham traffic ticket lawyer.

You may be asking yourself, how can one traffic ticket harm your pocket book?  If so, consider the following.  Do you have children on your insurance?  Do you drive for a living?  Is there a chance you will get a second ticket?  Is your insurance basic and unforgiving?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the chances are that a single ticket will affect your insurance and will cost you many hundreds of dollars.  This is the reason why you should contact an experienced 
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While it is true that you need an experienced Bellingham traffic ticket attorney by your side, it is more correct to state that you need an attorney with the right experience.  In this case, you have only one place to look:  here.  David Jolly is a former prosecuting attorney and between 1998 and 2001 he appeared in Municipal Traffic Court for more than 10,000 traffic ticket cases.  He handled each case individually and gained a reputation as being aggressive and knowledgeable.  Since 2001 he has defended those charged with traffic offenses in both Bellingham Municipal Court and Whatcom County District Court.  In 2011 Mr. Jolly had published the Traffic Ticket Handbook, the only traffic ticket book published by a Washington State attorney.  Mr. Jolly’s knowledge and experience and the other traffic lawyers at the Firm give us the advantage in Bellingham Courts.  This advantage is then transferred to our clients who speak our praises and enjoy the rewards our knowledge and experience bring.  Do not simply hire any attorney, contact the best Bellingham traffic ticket attorney.

If you have received a traffic ticket in Bellingham and are wondering where to turn, call our office today to discuss your case.  All consultations are complimentary and our attorney fees are reasonable and less expensive than most.    Contact a Bellingham traffic ticket attorney from the Law Firm of David N. Jolly today.